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Translations services are a core part of the EB-5 program for all parties involved. Communication between investors, regional centers, and project developers may not be possible without translation and interpretation services. Not only does a qualified translation service break down language barriers, but can also work to translate marketing materials, necessary paperwork, and even cultural differences in everyday business conduct.

For regional centers and project developers, a high-quality translation service can be the difference between successful marketing to potential EB-5 investors, and a dearth of interested investors. Well translated materials appear more attractive and more professional, and show your projects in a better light.

USCIS requires that all materials for EB-5 applications be translated to English in full and with certified letters of translation. Incomplete and uncertified translations may disqualify an immigrant investor from the EB-5 program, or lead to requests for evidence that further delay the adjudication process. As such, a thorough translation service is necessary to EB-5 success for investors not fluent in the English language.

Considering the complex and multifaceted nature of the EB-5 program, it is imperative to select a translation service that has experience with business and legal translations, to ensure as much as possible an accurate translation of necessary information.

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