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A regional center creator is an EB-5 professional who assists others in the creation of EB-5 Regional Centers. The service providers within our network at EB5Investors.com may help connect you to business plan writers, economists, immigration attorneys and securities attorneys that may help with the I-924 application filed with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to become a regional center.

A regional center is an entity (public or private and specially designated by USCIS) that administers EB-5 projects. A regional center promotes job creation, the raise of domestic capital, economic growth and regional productivity. Approximately 90 percent of investment in the EB-5 program is made through regional centers. EB-5 visa applicants who choose to invest through a regional center are generally less interested in directly managing their investment and more interested in obtaining residency.

There are various benefits to becoming a regional center and almost anyone can apply to become one. Regional center designation does not require a special license. Partnerships, governmental agencies and any existing commercial entity in the United States are examples of business models that may become EB-5 Regional Centers. The regional center designation allows for less strict requirements from USCIS. Regional centers are able to fulfill less stringent job creation requirements; for example, a regional center may count indirect and induced fulltime jobs, as well as direct jobs, while a direct EB-5 investment must create 10 direct jobs.

Additionally, a regional center is an appealing way to raise low interest debt (and/or equity) for a business project and it is non-recourse (making it appealing to business owners and/or developers). EB-5 industry experts can help you with the requirements for regional center approval and the filing of the I-924 application. If you are a project owner or someone seeking assistance for participation in an EB-5 project, you can contact a regional center creator on EB5Investors.com.

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