2018 Uglobal Investment Immigration Expo Ho Chi Minh City

2018 Uglobal Investment Immigration Expo Ho Chi Minh City Speakers

March 2018• Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Conference Speakers

  • Robert Abedi
    Robert Abedi The Law Firm of Robert Abedi and Associates, LLC
  • Antonis Antoniou
    Antonis Antoniou Giovani Developers
  • Kenneth Camilleri
    Kenneth Camilleri Vertex Alliance
  • Liz Chen
    Liz Chen LC Migration
  • Pearce Cheng
    Pearce Cheng AIMS Immigration Specialist Group of Companies
  • Mark Davies
    Mark Davies Davies & Associates, LLC
  • Demetris Demetriades
    Demetris Demetriades Andreas Demetriades & Co. LLC
  • Emma Desong Chen
    Emma Desong Chen Golden Opportunity Regional Center
  • Alexander Dobrinov
    Alexander Dobrinov Vasilev - Dobrinov and Associates
  • James Elcocke-Harris
    James Elcocke-Harris Vanuatu Investment Management Bureau
  • Matthew T. Galati
    Matthew T. Galati Galati Law Firm
  • Tiago Gali Macedo
    Tiago Gali Macedo Next Lawyers
  • Pauline Gallagher
    Pauline Gallagher Domenica Group
  • James Hall
    James Hall ANZ Migrate
  • James Hartshorn
    James Hartshorn Bartra Wealth Advisors
  • Kevin Hosam
    Kevin Hosam Exclusive Concierge
  • Steve Isidore
    Steve Isidore Caribbean Commercial and IP Law Practitioners
  • Wonjoon Kang
    Wonjoon Kang Kornova Investments Limited
  • Grant King
    Grant King Relevant Group
  • Winnie Ng
    Winnie Ng Manhattan Regional Center
  • Mathieu Simard
    Mathieu Simard Simard & Associates
  • Tasos Stavrou
    Tasos Stavrou Aristo Developers
  • Tang Tang
    Tang Tang US Regional Center Group
  • Vladimir Tchountoulov
    Vladimir Tchountoulov Arton Capital
  • Christos Vardikos
    Christos Vardikos Vardikos and Vardikos
  • Barry Winter
    Barry Winter Pafilia Property Developers