Investor story: Realizing the American Dream through concurrent filing -

Investor story: Realizing the American Dream through concurrent filing Staff

By Marta Lillo

Kevin Wen and his wife Lena Xu’s decision to apply for an EB-5 visa was driven by their pursuit of a better life for their family. Their belief in personal growth, family values, and educational dreams for their children inspired them to take on this journey in late 2022.

“The most rewarding aspects of pursuing the EB-5 post-RIA program lie in the opportunities it presents for personal growth, family reunion, and better educational environment for our next generation,” Wen says. “This program not only grants my wife and myself the privilege to live and work in the United States but also signifies a significant achievement in our pursuit of a better life. It opens doors to new experiences, cultural immersion, and professional growth.”

The turning point was the Shanghai lockdown between February and August 2022 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They were confined to their residential complex, an experience that led them to start considering the EB-5 program.

In that year, another important event took place that strengthened their belief that this was the path to take. Lena’s parents moved to the U.S. through the EB-1A program in June 2022 after being successful entrepreneurs in China.

“Pursuing the EB-5 program would allow us to reunite with them, strengthening our family bonds and support,” Wen recalls.

The dream of providing a bright and prosperous future for their children also proved to be a powerful force in their decision.

“The opportunities and resources available in the U.S. make it an appealing choice for our family’s long-term prospects,” he adds.

The couple filed their I-526 form in April 2023. However, they have more to look forward to as they eagerly expect their first child.

“We are excited to welcome our first baby boy this May, adding to our joy and anticipation,” he said.

Moving from China to the U.S. for family and EB-5 possibilities

Their EB-5 journey began in 2022 searching for specialized immigration lawyers in Shanghai. That’s how they met D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel, which introduced them to CanAm Enterprises.

Wen and Lena decided to visit the U.S. the moment the lockdown was lifted. They arrived in Irvine, CA, in December 2022, to spend time with Wen’s in-laws.

“At that time, we hadn’t considered settling in the U.S. yet, our only intention was to come to the U.S. to spend Christmas with my in-laws,” he said. “After staying in Southern California for several months, we grew fond of the lifestyle here and began exploring whether there was a suitable immigration path for us.”

The couple currently live one hour from his in-laws. They decided to leave their jobs in private equity investment and accounting in Shanghai, China.

They are happy with the life change.

“Upon arriving in the United States, we quickly fell in love with the pleasant climate and beautiful natural surroundings of Southern California.”

Taking advantage of the new concurrent filing option for EB-5

They concurrently filed their EB-5 application and their I-485 adjustment of status (AOS) petition in April 2023. At the time, they shared their ongoing EB-5 experience and insights with other EB-5 prospects while starting to make friends in Irvine. “Overall, we are very satisfied with our life in the United States,” Wen said.

Wen and his family feel optimistic about their application. However, they have decided not to keep high hopes for the timing of the process. “We have not set overly optimistic expectations for the processing time of our I-526E petition. Our decision to opt for concurrent filing has provided us with certain advantages. We have already obtained our [Employment Authorization Document] EAD cards and advance parole documents, allowing us the freedom to live and work the United States. Therefore, whether we obtain the conditional green card sooner or later does not significantly impact our current lifestyle.”

The waiting period also led to Wen’s first job in the U.S. While processing his work permit through the AOS application, a contact at CaAm inquired about his future plans. They wanted him to help with EB-5 investors. Upon receiving his work permit, he accepted the offer and joined in January 2024 as the VP of Business Development at CanAm Investor Services.

“My job involves helping other EB-5 investors. I collaborate with external immigration attorneys to assist our investors in completing their EB-5 investments, addressing their inquiries, and facilitating the overall process.”

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