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EB5 Investors Magazine Launches a New Chinese Edition

EB5Investors.com Staff

Following the notable success of its English magazine brand, EB5 Investors Magazine will publish the inaugural issue of its seasonal Chinese edition in November 2014, to thoroughly explore the EB-5 immigration program from a targeted perspective. This new edition focuses specifically on the Chinese market and showcases relevant program issues from a cross-cultural lens. It provides advanced knowledge on the EB-5 visa application process, legislative updates, regional center development trends and the impact of investments on the American economy, so that immigration agents can better serve their investor clients. EB5 Investors Magazine: Chinese Edition has assembled an editorial board of highly experienced members to deliver up-to-date, comprehensive and unbiased guidance in the publication. All articles are peer-reviewed prior to publication to ensure that they are high quality and well-balanced.

EB5 Investors Magazine is unlike any other publication on the market,” explained Ali Jahangiri, CEO of EB5Investors.com and EB5 Investors Magazine. “Being uniquely positioned in the industry, we attract many of the best and brightest professionals to present EB-5 information in an unbiased manner. Our Chinese magazine features a renowned team of authors and board members, delivering EB-5 information directly to our readers.” EB5Investors.com’s platform, also consisting of conferences and a multi-lingual website network, is used by migration agents worldwide to learn about the EB-5 visa program, and to connect directly with professional service providers.

To provide a targeted resource for Chinese nationals, the new edition of EB5 Investors Magazine compiles often-difficult-to-understand EB-5 materials and delivers the information in a comprehensible and concise manner. Among other topics, the upcoming inaugural issue specifically addresses EB-5 project due diligence, project selection and the impact of visa retrogression. The magazine also features interviews from a cross section of migration agents, and the success story of a Chinese national who migrated to the United States via an EB-5 visa. As with its English counterpart, EB5 Investors Magazine’s Chinese Edition is designed to enhance transparency and education in the EB-5 community. A digital version of the magazine will be released on EB5Investors.com in tandem with the print publication, giving readers easy access to the publication at all times. Both versions are complimentary and will available in mid-November.


Read what some of the leading EB-5 professionals are saying about EB5 Investors Magazine: Chinese Edition:

“We believe this magazine will provide a new, credible source of reliable information to the prominent Chinese EB-5 investor and agents so that the program can operate in a transparent and honest manner, which will, in turn, protect the integrity of the program over the long term.” -Tom Rosenfeld, President at CanAm Enterprises, LLC

EB5 Investors Magazine is a highly worthwhile source of EB-5 information in the United States. I expect that EB5 Investors Magazine: Chinese Edition will likewise be an important new source of information for agents in China.” -H. Ronald Klasko, Managing partner of Klasko, Rulon, Stock & Seltzer, LLP

“Unlike other EB-5 publications focused on marketing, EB5 Investors Magazine publishes articles by leading American lawyers, financial professionals and immigration specialists detailing the latest EB-5 developments to empower its readers with a deeper understanding of the EB-5 application process.” -Nelson Lee, Managing partner of Lee & Lee, PS – Attorneys at Law

“This magazine strikes a great balance as an authoritative but reader-friendly voice.” - David Hirson, Managing partner of David Hirson & Partners, LLP

EB5 Investors Magazine: Chinese Edition will provide EB-5 practitioners and investors with top industry trends, leading experts’ analyses and the latest discussions of the hot topics.” -Yi Song, Immigration attorney at Mona Shah & Associates, PLLC


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