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EB5 Investors Magazine helps with medical donations to China to fight the coronavirus

EB5Investors.com Staff

By Marie Ekberg Padilla, EB5 Investors Magazine Staff

EB5 Investors Magazine is joining forces with the American Lending Center and Sunstone Management by donating to help distribute needed medical supplies to hospitals throughout China. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, basic supplies to protect hospital staff and patients against the spread of the virus are in critical need. The fundraiser’s first shipment, which included more than 17,000 medical face masks, has already arrived in China and were distributed to local hospitals close to Wuhan in the Hubei province.

“It brought a lot of excitement and a big relief,” said organizer John Shen, CEO of American Lending Center and founding partner of Sunstone Management. “My goal is to lend a hand to those patients and stop the outbreak.”

A number of companies and people in the U.S. and China have voluntarily helped with the tasks to transport the packages to the airline warehouse, got them loaded onto the airplane, cleared customs in Beijing, moved them to local transportation, until they finally arrived in six hospitals last week.

“I really appreciate all these parties and they are unsung heroes,” Shen said. “…We were also so lucky to find and purchase those masks.”

One of the helping companies is EB5 Investors Magazine.

“We are happy to help make a difference for people affected by this outbreak,” said Ali Jahangiri, founder of EB5 Investors Magazine. “As a global company, we want to show support and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We encourage others in the industry to join the cause.”

Shen is already planning for two more shipments, which will include more than 2,500 medical coveralls, 100 medical goggles and 9,000 face masks. However, as more and more airlines are canceling their flights to China, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver the donations. He is hoping to find a flight at the end of this week.

“I hope more EB-5 stakeholders understand the seriousness of this problem and join this campaign as it is becoming the responsibility of everyone in the world to fight this deadly virus and save human beings,” Shen said.

To donate to this cause, contact info@eb5investors.com.

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