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EB-5 filing and final action dates stay the same in July

EB5Investors.com Staff

The EB-5 filing and final action dates for this investor visa remained unchanged in July, according to the Department of State’s visa bulletin.

The final action and filing dates stand current for EB-5 visa applications in all categories for foreign nationals applications from all countries except India and Mainland China and the Unreserved category.

Meanwhile, Indian and Chinese EB-5 investors-specific final action and filing dates for the unreserved category are Dec. 1, 2020, and Dec. 15, 2015, respectively, and Apr. 1, 2022, and Jan. 1, 2017, correspondingly.

The filing date indicates when applicants can assemble and submit their EB-5 forms and documentation to the National Visa Center (NVC) for processing, while the final action date determines when an EB-5 immigrant visa is available to investors who have already started their applications.

The Visa Bulletin is an important resource for EB-5 investors and their immigration attorneys because it informs about the availability of immigrant visa numbers for this visa category and outlines specific periods when EB-5 investors can apply for their green cards.

DOS confirms retrogression of worldwide EB-3 final action dates

The DOS also had to retrogress dates for the EB-3 visa for worldwide applications (including Mexico and the Philippines) in July, which was announced in the previous visa bulletin. “Given continued high demand and number use in this category, it will likely be necessary to either further retrogress the final action date or make the category ‘Unavailable’ in August. This situation will be continually monitored, and any necessary adjustments will be made accordingly,” the DOS said in the visa bulletin notes.

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