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On a mission to help people become Global Citizens through investments

EB5Investors.com Staff

Migration agent Ali Shahami helps people around the world realizing their dreams of getting a second passport or becoming residents of a new country by investment immigration. He is a licensed migration agent to more than a dozen destinations across the world, including Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts & Nevis, United Kingdom, United States and Saint Lucia.


With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, Shahami serves as director of R&K Immigration Group Company in Sydney, Australia, but the company also has branches in New Zealand, Canada and Iran.


“We have a dedicated team of migration agents and immigration lawyers helping people securing their dream of living in their dream country,” he said.  


What is your professional background and what services does your company offer?


I have a Master of Laws in Migration Law from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Computer Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Immigration Law and Practice from the Australian National University. I am also a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor for the Australia student visa. I have more than 12-years work experience in the immigration industry.

We have a vast experience in business migration visas and also provide the full range of immigration services including business, skilled, work, student and family visas.


Why did you want to become an agent for these programs and work in this industry?


The reason is that I care about these people and wants to provide immigration services to all kinds of applicants and clients. In order to stay in this unpredictable market, you need to expand your services and provide all kinds of immigration services.

Another reason is my Iranian clients. Each day, we receive requests from wealthy Iranians who just want to have another residency or citizenship due to the unstable situation in Iran and middle east. If something happens in Iran, they want to be able to transfer their money and family to their new country.



What are the most popular immigration programs you offer?  Have you seen any recent changes in the industry?


The most popular programs are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and European residency by property investment and Caribbean citizenship by investment.


We have seen a change in some of these countries recently, like the Canadian Quebec investor program and the New Zealand Investor stream 2, which raised its required investment capital.



Any new trends you have seen in the global immigration investment industry?


The rapid increase in income and the expanding population in Asia are big themes in the global economy, and they will have a big effect on migration countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA. Growth in the region is expected to be higher than in any other parts of the world. There are many reasons to invest in a second citizenship, from personal safety to increased global mobility, security, global mobility, new business opportunities, tax management, family and education.


What are some things investors should be aware of when applying for these programs?


Most of the investors apply for these countries to obtain Permanent Residency first and then Citizenship. Many of these countries used to allow investors to receive their permanent residency without having to reside for a long term but this is not the case anymore and investors should be aware and prepare to leave their country and business and migrate to a new country. In most of these countries, if they haven’t lived there for 2 years within a 5-year period, their permanent residency will not be extended and they would lose their residency.


What do you see as the biggest issues facing migration agencies today?


Governments across the globe are continuing to tweak and modify immigration regulations in response to the effects of the recession and high unemployment rates. Migration acts and regulations change frequently and you cannot predict situations in the next 6 month so as a migration agency, you are not able to make a long term plan for your company and you always need to be prepared for probable changes and to find alternative ways to offer to your clients and substitute your current services.


What are your plans for expansion of your company?

 Opening new offices in USA and Melbourne-Australia.

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