EB5Investors.com Founder Ali Jahangiri Emphasizes Merits of EB-5 Program in Orange County Register Article - EB5Investors.com

EB5Investors.com Founder Ali Jahangiri Emphasizes Merits of EB-5 Program in Orange County Register Article

Ali Jahangiri

On December 30, 2013, Ali Jahangiri published an opinion in the Orange County Register in which he strongly emphasizes the beneficial impact that the EB-5 program has on the United States. The full opinion article is available to read here.

Some of the benefits of the EB-5 program highlighted in the opinion piece include:

  • Illustrating the financial value additions of the program, e.g. that each investor contributes approximately $1.5 million per family, according to an independent case study by Dr. Scott Barnhart, entitled ““The Economic Impact of Individual Immigrant Investors in the EB-5 Program,” which was published in EB5 Investors Magazine. On a larger scale, the EB-5 visa program added a $1.286 billion boost to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, in addition to $179 million in federal taxes.
  • Dispelling a commonly held belief that the EB-5 investor visa is solely about its monetary value, explaining that the human capital, comprised of skilled, hard-working entrepreneurs, injected into our nation as a result of the program is critical to maintaining our country’s position as a thought leader and innovator in international community.
  • Summarizing the competition our nation faces for entrepreneurial immigrant investors, e.g. with countries like Canada and Australia, and the need to work with USCIS to foster solutions to improve an imperfect system, that has yet to reach its potential in terms of benefits it can mutually offer the American people, as well as immigrants seeking to realize the American Dream through participation in the program.

EB5Investors.com is hopeful that USCIS leadership will continue to reform its administration of the program resulting in more security, efficiency, and opportunity for everyone involved. Through our media channels, we endeavor to campaign for and support the EB-5 program, for all of its positive impacts: past, present and future.

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