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When should the main applicant of the Malta IIP Programme show proof of sufficient annual income, and what documents are necessary?

I have not yet begun my application and would like to make sure I have sufficient time to gather and submit the necessary paperwork.


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    Mark Attard

    Malta Individual Investor Programme Agent
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    Below are outlined some of the general requirements for the main applicant to be issued a certificate of naturalization are as follow: 1) The applicant must be resident in Malta for a period of 12 months preceding the issuing of a certificate of naturalization. This involves the main applicant being in possession of a Maltese e-Residence card. To apply for the e-residence card you will be required to show on your bank account at least 12,000 EUR/per person in order to be able and maintain yourself while in Malta. 2) The individual is required to make a contribution to the economic development of Malta through the payment of a non-refundable contribution (as per the brochure) to the Malta National Development & Social Fund. 3) The applicant must be in possession of a health insurance policy. 4) The applicant must either acquire a real estate in Malta with a minimum value of €350,000; or lease a residential immovable property in Malta at an annual rent of at least €16,000. 5) The principal applicant must make investments in Malta to an amount of €150,000 in investment vehicles. Individuals wishing to pursue a Maltese Citizenship by Investment must be represented by an Accredited Person that is a licensed Maltese Authorised Registered Mandatory (ARM) such as BDO Malta. It is important to note that applicants are subject to a thorough due diligence process which guarantees that only reputable applicants acquire Maltese citizenship. This process can be facilitated by engaging our firm in order to assist and guide you in respect of the documentation required on you as the principal applicant and all your dependents. One of the documents required to be submitted when applying for Maltese citizenship is a copy of bank statement showing sufficient funds to acquire the property, the investment and to cover the non-refundable contributions. An application cannot be filed with the Authority without the bank statement.

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