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What is the first step to starting the New Zealand Investor 1 (Plus) application process?

I hope to immigrate to New Zealand from China and I, along with my family, would like to begin speaking with professionals and learn how to move forward.


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    Marcel Booiman

    New Zealand Immigration Adviser
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    If you are interested in applying for an Investor 1 visa, you can start collecting all required information and documentation for the application. The Investor 1 category does not have an Expression of Interest stage like the Investor 2 category, so the application needs to be accompanied by supporting documents right away. Information required for the application includes: (1) Personal details for all family members included in the application (incl. birth certificates); (2) Partnership evidence; (3) Police certificates for all family members 17 years of age or older; (4) Medical records for all family members (must not be older than 3 months at the time the application is lodged (this is often one of the last things to add to the application); (5) Evidence of ownership of the funds; (6) Evidence showing how the funds have been acquired, and that they have been acquired legally.

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