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What evidence do I need to show after I receive the Approval in Principle for my New Zealand Investor 2 application?

I am currently working on an Expression of Interest and looking at what the next steps will be. I thought the application would be simply approved or not, but I now see that the application is “Approved in Principle” pending certain evidence. What do I need to show?


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    Marcel Booiman

    New Zealand Immigration Adviser
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    After the Approval in Principle, you have a year to invest the nominated funds in New Zealand. After investing in NZ, you must show to INZ that the funds have been transferred to New Zealand (through the regular banking system) and invested in acceptable investments. These are the documents that you need to provide after receiving the Approval in Principle. INZ will issue the resident visa (with conditions) after reviewing these documents and also determine the start date of the 4-year investment period.

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