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What requirements must a direct investment into a British proprietary company meet to qualify as a complying investment for the U.K. Investor visa?

I am an experienced investor and have been preparing for business migration for years. I have been following several companies that I know would offer a solid return rate and stable investment during the required period of time. Before I invest further time into choosing a company I am curious to know more about the requirements for a direct investment into a British company.


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    Sandip Basu

    UK Immigration Advisor
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    The Home Office only stipulates that if money is being invested in a company, then it must be share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK-registered companies. You must ensure that the full €2 million remains invested over the duration of the visa (five years) and you must ensure quarterly financial reports are produced, so you can show that the investment never fell below €2 million.

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