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About Tri-Cities Investment District

Tri-Cities Investment District, LLC Regional Center, located in Washington, was designated as an EB-5 Regional Center by USCIS in January 2013. As an approved regional center, Tri-Cities Investment District is allowed to transfer foreign capital into the United States to be used for the development of companies that will create jobs and strengthen the economy. The regional center is authorized to offer EB-5 investment opportunities in a wide range of industries, including residential building construction, commercial building construction, lessors of real estate, room and boarding houses, and hotels and motels. Tri-Cities Investment District operates in the tri-cities metropolitan statistical area, or MSA, which is located in Benton and Franklin Counties of Washington State.

Tri-Cities Investment District Regional Center was founded by a team of well-established real estate developers, bankers, accountants, brokers, commercial general contractors, legal advisors and economists who are skilled in every aspect of developing a successful project. Tri-Cities Investment District prides itself on being the center of technology and advancement in the Pacific Northwest. The regional center hopes to foster the creation of new innovative technology that solves problems and produces commercial value. Tri-Cities Investment District is conveniently located near many of the world’s largest engineering and construction firms, along with more than 80 globally-competitive and innovative private businesses.

The regional center’s goal is to provide investors with an opportunity to successfully participate in the EB-5 program and obtain their permanent green cards. The regional center’s team takes a hands-on approach to the development, construction, finance and management of a project to ensure that only the best is offered to their clients.

Stew Stone is the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Tri-Cities Investment District and manages the daily operations of the regional center. Stone is a professional real estate developer and also actively involved in development, investment management, finance, leasing, sales and marketing. Prior to founding the Tri-Cities Investment District Regional Center, Stone was involved in real estate development for nearly 38 years. He was responsible for the development, construction and management of projects with a combined value of over $500 million dollars. Stone specializes in closely working with regional, national and Fortune 500 companies to meet their development and expansion needs. He has been involved in numerous real estate development projects, including residential, industrial, commercial and master planned golf communities. He has also developed a large real estate portfolio of residential and commercial properties in the western United States. He is currently involved in projects related to the medical and energy technology field.

Cory Redding is the chief operations officer of the regional center. He also continues to serve as the president of his own company, CD Redding Construction. Redding is responsible for building over 2 million square feet of large national retail, medical facilities, resort properties, schools, wineries, laboratories and commercial offices, stemming from over 1,700 projects. He has developed, built and owns over 100,000 square feet of buildings in Oregon. In addition, he also owns NW Current Energy, LLC, a full service low voltage company that provides projects and services in all areas pertaining to life and safety.

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