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The Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) is a citizenship-by-investment program for those seeking to live, work and share their skills in Malta. IIP is the first CBI programme within the European Union to be recognized by the European Commission (EC).

Most IIP applications take a total of 12 months to process and, once all programme requirements are fulfilled and the Certificate of Naturalisation has been issued, Maltese citizenship is permanent. Further, once a Maltese passport is granted, the holder has leave to travel to over 160 countries, including all 28 countries of the European Union. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, make investment within determined deadlines, provide a proof of residence in Malta, among other requirements. There are, however, no language or testing requirements to fulfill.

Malta offers successful applicants and their families a high standard of living and a bustling economy. The pro-business mindset of this country makes it a prime target for high net worth individuals (HNWIs) seeking to invest in a European market. Investors may find ample investing opportunities in the industries of automotive, aviation and maritime, biotechnology, education, electronics (including online gaming), film production, financial services, information and communication technologies (ICT) and software, pharmaceuticals, tourism and much more.

IIP applicants are subject to rigorous due diligence process, so seeking out an accredited agent can be most helpful when preparing an IIP application. Accredited agents are specially trained and authorized to guide and offer counsel to IIP applicants, ensuring the strongest application process attainable. Malta accredits such professionals for the purposes of transparency and accountability.

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