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Kent Gubrud has been practicing law for over 28 years. He leads the Law Office of Kent Gubrud P.C., located in the midst of Manhattan’s Financial District. Attorney Gubrud’s office includes a team of legal professionals with expertise in the EB-5 investment immigration sector. The firm assists EB-5 clients in proving source of funds, investment, and various other aspects of the immigration project review. In addition, Attorney Gubrud has extensive experience working with direct investment immigration program developers, and has handled the long-term planning, financing structure, etc. for these companies. He is also proficient in areas such as real estate, commercial transactions, trusts, and more.

In the field of immigration law, the Law Office of Kent Gubrud handles family-based and employment-based immigration from the first to the fifth preference. This includes family-based applications filed by U.S. green card holders or U.S. citizens; applications for advanced parole; applications for members holding advanced degrees in certain professions; applications for aliens of extraordinary abilities; and EB-5 immigrant investor applications through both regional centers and direct investment. In the fields of real estate and property law, and commercial transactions, the firm provides services in matters such as short sale and other real estate disputes, corporate registration, and other commercial mediation and litigation.

In the past, Attorney Gubrud worked as a public defender in Oregon, where he handled more than one hundred complicated litigation and civil cases, along with criminal and administrative proceedings. After leaving this public service job in 1991, he opened an independent practice, and then in the same year, established his own law firm in Pennsylvania. His Pennsylvania firm offered a wide scope of litigation representation services and handled immigration application cases as well.

Attorney Gubrud is admitted to the New York State Bar, along with the Second Circuit and the Ninth Circuit Federal Courts. He is an active member of the American Bar Association and the American Bar Association of New York City. For eight years, he also served as the chairman of the Hill Rock Bar Association. He graduated from the University of Oregon with his Juris Doctor and is fluent in German and English. Attorney Gubrud has been featured in notable publications such as the New York Post and the New York Times.

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