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What parts of the process can an Australian migration agent help me with?

I am applying from China for the Significant Investor Visa and would like to work with a migration agent in Australia. I will be seeking investment opportunities, help with my application, and information on the process to be nominated by a certain territory for residence. What can a migration agent help with?


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    Lisa De Leon

    Australia Registered Migration Agent
    Answered on

    A Registered Migration Agent can assist you through the entire SIV process:

    Step 1. Investment Advice

    The Registered Migration Agent will provide direct access to a Financial Advisor that specializes in SIV complying investment funds. The Financial Advisor will build an investment strategy in accordance with the legal requirement of the SIV category.

    Step 2. Expression of Interest

    The Registered Migration Agent will lodge your EOI into the Skill Select system, nominating the preferred State or Territory in which you wish to reside.

    Step 3. State Sponsorship Application

    The Registered Migration Agent will lodge your application for State Nomination and liaise with the State authority to secure approval, and a subsequent invitation to apply for your visa.

    Step 4. Visa Application

    The Registered Migration Agent will prepare and lodge the visa application for you and your family, making sure that it satisfies the legal requirements for the grant of your visa.

    Step 5. Permanent Residency

    After 4 years you will be eligible for the permanent 888 visa, which your agent will prepare and lodge on your behalf.

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    Bob Yang

    Australia Registered Migration Agent
    Answered on

    A registered migration agent is someone registered with the Authority. Only an RMA may provide what is called immigration assistance (as defined in s276 of the Migration Act 1958). They might be able to help you if your case is complex or you require immigration assistance. Immigration assistance is when a person (including a registered migration agent) performs including but not limited to the following tasks: advises you on the visa that best suits your situation, details the documents you need to submit with your application, helps you fill out and submit the application form and communicates with the department on your behalf. An RMA cannot provide immigration legal assistance within the meaning of s277 of the Migration Act 1958. An RMA with a lot of experience in Australian business may help you with fund management and proportion for SIV complying investments when you are applying for SIV visa.

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    Quentin Kuo

    Australia Registered Migration Agent
    Answered on

    A migration agent will tell you what is required for a full application. A good migration agent will ensure that all details and documents are to a standard and that there are minimal risks of refusal regarding your visa application. A good agent will also introduce you to the professionals who will build the investment portfolio for you.

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