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What type of documentation is required to prove that my funds were invested for the entire four-year required period in New Zealand?

I have heard that I will have three months to provide evidence that my funds were invested in New Zealand for four years. I plan to have funds invested in New Zealand for my Investor 2 Residence Visa at the time that I apply for residence and want to be ready with the proper evidence.


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    Timothy Malcolm

    New Zealand Immigration Adviser
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    It depends on what type of investment you have made; Immigration New Zealand has an audit process at the end of the 2nd year and 4th year of the investment. For example, if you have an acceptable bond portfolio, then you are required to provide verifiable evidence of the value of the bonds in your portfolio. Immigration New Zealand will attempt to contact the principal applicant to request evidence that conditions are being met three months before the two-year anniversary as well as three months before the expiration of the required investment period. Evidence for all requirements needs to be provided, at most, three months after the date of the request. The investment period does not start until the application has been approved and the residence visa with conditions has been issued. You need to be careful as not all investments meet the requirements of the policy so investing before the application is approved is a risk.

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