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How can investors make their SIV investment in installments and still meet the requirements for Australia?

I am a Vietnamese businessman who has done well in recent years. I am interested in participating in the SIV program and have the 5 million Australian dollars. However, I was wondering if I could invest AU$2.5 million now and the rest a year later. How can I make installments for my investment? And when it comes to investment requirements, what should I do with my application to best increase my chances to be approved for this program?


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    Quentin Kuo

    Australia Registered Migration Agent
    Answered on

    Yes, you may invest in installments, but you only become eligible after you invest $5m in eligible complying investments. (in SIV stream only). Careful examination of the funds is your responsibility. Of course, you may hire & appoint fund managers or other persons to advise whether your funds are complying investments at all times of your investments. To secure best chances, work closely with your lawyer or agent. Make sure they are registered to do migration work. You may even ask for your lawyer or agent to be dispatched to your country to assist with all documents and circumstances so that strong submissions can be made on your behalf when it is required.

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