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If my spouse is an EEA national (Swiss), does that disqualify me from being the main applicant and applying for Maltese CBI for our family?

I am from Australia and my wife is Swiss. We are looking into Malta’s citizenship by investment program because we have lived in Australia for the past several years, and are just looking to move to Malta permanently and start a company. I am not a Swiss citizen and we do not want to move to or start our business in Switzerland because of the taxes.


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    Dr Simon Xuereb

    Malta Individual Investor Programme Agent
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    No, your wife being an EEA national does not preclude you (or her) from applying as a main applicant for the MIIP programme. Though, if your aim is to move to Malta permanently: while the MIIP certainly opens up that pathway, as your wife is an EEA national it is not strictly necessary as one could simply relocate on the basis of her current nationality and you would be covered as a family member.

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