Kevin Wright

Palm Beach, FL

About Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright is a consultant, economist and the president of Wright Johnson, LLC, an EB-5 Regional Center consulting firm which specializes in regional center applications and EB-5 immigrant investor applications. Mr. Wright is an IMPLAN software specialist, and has written several econometric analyses for clients presenting business plans to USCIS. His analyses cover various different target industries and explain the economic and employment impacts of proposed business projects. With hands-on experience in the regional center application process, Mr. Wright has successfully received USCIS approval for over 40 EB-5 Regional Centers within different highly specialized industries. His specialties lie in government reporting requirements, business plan proposal writing, private placement composition and econometric analysis. He is also involved in the EB-5 process as a whole, with experience in marketing and EB-5 investor acquisition. His marketing expertise comes from his time working as vice president of marketing at Artfest International before starting Wright Johnson, LLC.

The consulting firm of Wright Johnson, LLC has worked with over 100 companies in the EB-capacity with a 100 percent approval rate for clients seeking regional center designation. The Wright Johnson team has over 50 years of experience helping companies go public, create business plans, and attract investors. More specifically, the company has 10 years’ experience applying this business knowledge to the EB-5 program. They write, research, and obtain USCIS approvals for regional centers and use high-tech computer software, IMPLAN Pro, to calculate econometric analyses. IMPLAN software helps answer questions about economic study and analysis. The software system analyzes how the local economy functions, economic consequences, and the effects of company closure as it relates to specific business projects. Through the use of this software Wright Johnson’s economists and consultants are able to create a localized model to outline the effects of projected economic transactions in a designated geographic area.

Wright Johnson, LLC provides full EB-5 services in research and professional business writing to help in the approval process of potential regional centers and prospective EB-5 immigrant investors. Wright Johnson provides business plan consulting services, private placement documents, economic impact studies and EB-5 application services. For regional centers who are looking for USCIS approval, Mr. Wright and other economists at Wright Johnson prepare cohesive and formal business plans outlining employment goals, attainment plans and the organization involved in the plan. The private placement documents provided by Wright Johnson, LLC are suitable to present to potential investors, outlining the risks and benefits of association with a business or regional center. Economic impact studies offer plans for the highest possible positive yield results available for the specific company and geographic area. Finally, Wright Johnson has complete EB-5 immigration application preparation services available for the following applications: I-526, I-829 and I-924. They work with licensed immigration attorneys to guide you and your company through the entire EB-5 application process.

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