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Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., Harvard Business Plan creates personalized business plans. These include visa business plans in support of EB-5 immigrant investor visas, E-2 investor visas, E-1 treaty trader visas, L-1 work visas, and B-1 temporary business visas. The company also composes SBA/bank loan business plans, including those for small business administration loans and grants, bank loans, and bank presentations. Harvard Business Plan’s experience further includes writing investor pitch business plans, such as for angel funding, venture capital, pitch presentations, financial forecasts, and investor slide decks.

Harvard Business Plan’s clients range from architects, to real estate developers, to tech entrepreneurs. Among various other objectives, the company’s products are intended to help clients reach financial goals, raise money and investment, earn immigration business visas, clearly define competitive advantage, prevent default, manage employees, maximize revenue, and manage business operations. The company’s full scope of services includes executive education, business plan makeovers, company valuations, business plan reviews, franchise business plans, business model design, exit planning, market/competitor research, financial projections, international business, strategic planning, turnaround consulting, and more.

In general, each business plan produced by Harvard Business Plan ranges from 20 to 46 pages, with those composed for the EB-5 visa sector specifically totaling between 38 to 46 pages. The contents of each document may include, but are not limited to: cover page; founder letter; five-year financial projections; financial and scenario analyses; income and cash flow statements; demographic, competitive, industry, and marketing analyses; macro-economic analysis; market segmentation analysis; SWOT analysis; and personnel and revenue forecasts.

The Harvard Business Plan team consists of Harvard University graduates with business expertise in diverse fields. Sarah McCarthy, the company’s senior vice president of marketing and strategy, leads the team which handles business plans for immigration visas. The senior vice president of finance, Nick Campbell, has oversight of business plans for investor funding and bank loans, and is fluent in English and Farsi.

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